Feel Free to Have Many Dilemmas about Your Numerous Options in Seville
Being the largest city of Andalusia, Seville can entertain in multiple ways its visitors and its citizens. About 800 thousand inhabitants and more than 4 million tourists per year may find many places to spend quality and remarkable moments, since the city offers a large amount of choices, regardless your preferences.

Perhaps the most interesting place of Seville, no matter your mood or your penchant, is the Alcázar. The Alcázar is a royal palace (originally a Moorish fort) and is renowned as one of the most beautiful in Spain, motivating UNESCO to include it in its World Heritage List. The palace is divided into sections, each of them with unique beautifulness, while the gardens outside the main buildings are one of a kind. Another impressive structure and popular landmark of the city is the General Archive of the Indies, a building that stores important and valuable old documents of the Spanish Empire during the discoveries era and perfect example of the Spanish Renaissance architecture.

Seville is not only about architecture and old structures, since it is well equipped with facilities that can amuse and entertain also. The Aquopolis, for water activities, and the Parque Isla Magica, for adventure seekers, are two modern amusement parks that offer happy and funny hours to their visitors, while the Seville Aquarium informs about the seabed kingdom. For the end of a heaping day in Seville, a visit to the CasaLa Teatro is proposed, in order to attend to a spectacular live concert with theatre pieces and flamenco shows.

The Andalusian temperament is spread all over the city of Seville. The citizens will definitely help you discover as many different experiences as you can and allow you to discover the magical treasures that Seville can reveal!